The Indian Waters – Divinity at its best:

The Indian Waters – Divinity at its best:

India has been a land of diversity and comprises of a devoted and rich heritage. But did you also know that there is lot more than just forts, street food and ancient monuments in India. Embrace these divine water-bodies with our list of Best Beaches and Water-Falls across India.
⦁    Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Awarded as Asia’s best beach by Time Magazine, Radhanagar Beach lays proudly 12kms from the Havelock Islands. Spending some quality time with family and friends for a peaceful and relaxing day is what can be most cherished here. Away from turbidity and wave action this 2km stretch of beach is a sight worth the visit.

⦁    Langshiang Falls, Meghalaya
This 337 metres high fall is one of the most exotic places to visit when at Meghalaya. Nested at the Kynshi River, The Langshiang Falls forms due to two streams of the river Kynshi that meet across at Sangriang. Getting away from the hustle bustles of the city, Langshiang falls offers a peaceful and divine family time.

⦁    Kovalam Beach, Kerala
A marvelous water-space; The Kovalam Beach is regarded as the paradise of South India. Kovalam nests among three crescents shaped beaches with promontory rocks and stones that form a bay perfect for sea-bathing.

⦁    The Chitrakoot Waterfalls, Chhattisgarh:
Located to the vest of Jagdalpur in the Bastar District, The Chitrakoot Waterfalls is a heaven on earth. These 100 feet tall falls are best when visited between July and October. The Falls are also famous for having the similar horse-shoe shape from the world famous Niagara Falls.

⦁    Bangaram Atoll Beach, Lakshadweep:
When visiting the Lakshadweep, expect wide floors of coconut lushes all around. The Bangaram Atoll Beach offers a serene and gentle shore for those that wish to attain inner peace and calm. The Lakshadweep can be easily reached by 24 hour sea journey from Kochin (formerly Cochin).

⦁    Hogenakkal Waterfall, Tamil Nadu:
Located 46Kms from the town of Dharmapuri, The Hogenakkal Waterfall gets its name from two Kannada words; Hoge meaning smoke and kal meaning rock, i.e., Smoking Rocks. Round boats (locally called ‘Parisal’) are one of the many attractions at Hogenakkal Waterfall. Do stop by to experience the greens and rush of the water streams.

⦁    Calangute Beach, Goa.
If you are the adventure-kind then Calangute is your stop. Amaze yourself with the many water sports from Parasailing, Wind surfing and more offered at this beautiful beach. Monsoons are not the right time as swimming is prohibited here for safety reasons. New Year Eve, Christmas and Summer Holidays are the leading reasons to stop by at Calangute.

⦁    Jog Falls, Karnataka
The Gerosoppa Falls or Jog Falls is located on the district borders of Shimoga and Uttara Kannada. With a staggering 253m drop created by the Sharavathi River, The Jog Falls is the second highest waterfalls in India. (Nohkalikai Falls – 340m is the 1st highest). Visitors and tourists are allowed to hike down to the base of the falls for a quick swim. Best time to visit the falls is between July and December

⦁    Tarkarli Beach
Visit Tarkarli Beach to experience the most spotless and pristine coastline in India; Located at the unions of Arabian Sea and the Karli River. This beach is located in Tarkarli – a village in the Malvan Taluka of Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra. One can simply check out at the MTDC resort or Govt. approved homes for a weekend stay to cherish Tarkarli.

⦁    Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya.
Nesting at one of the wettest considered places on earth – Cherrapunji, The Nohkalikai Falls is the highest waterfall in India at 340m. Stop by at the this unusual emerald colored pool formed by the Nohkalikai Falls to capture the most serene picturesque scenic spot in India.

For not only are the forts in India mesmerizing; there is a lot more to add to the list. Do visit these ever-so-amazing water bodies when you stop by at India for a brief tour.

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